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Ecokleen La machine autonettoyante et écoénergétique à solution aqueuse qui réduit le volume de déchets et les coûts

Map of all the Great Britain and Irish branches that supply comprehensive parts wash service: Montrose, Stirling, Washington, Wigan, Chester, Sheffield, Derby, West Bromwich, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Bedford, Basildon, Croydon, Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter, Maidstone, Southampton, Lisburn - N. Ireland and Dublin


One supplier,
one monthly invoice,
one outstanding service...

Through our nationwide network of branches, Safetykleen provides a comprehensive local service for all your parts washing and waste management needs.

Have you been considering other parts washer providers?
Make sure you ask what is included in the price.

What's included in the price?

  • The machine

    Biokleen detergent

    250ml Bioactiv

    11 x 50ml Bioactiv

    (to be added monthly)

    Safetykleen replacement machine service guarantee.

    15 point service

    (at intervals required by your business)

    1 fluid change service per year

    Waste consignment note

    Biokleen detergent

    250ml Bioactiv

    Map of UK and Ireland indicating nationwide coverage of parts cleaning services A nationwide network of branches, providing a fast, responsive and comprehensive service, ensuring machines are always operating at optimum performance.
  • One regular, simple to administer invoice for all service, maintenance and compliance needs.
    No capital outlay - flexible machines/service intervals.
    No start-up/delivery/installation costs.
    No unbudgeted replacement capital or write-off costs.
    Guaranteed continued effectiveness.
    Machine always in good condition for a perfect cleaning performance.
    Waste disposal in line with the current legislation and the Waste Hierarchy; Duty of Care discharged.
    Full compliance = peace of mind.
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